The bridal party group shot, at Nonsuch Mansion wedding venue. Photography by Editorial Wedding Photographer Shane Anthony SinclairBeckenham Wedding Photographer London Wedding Photographer

"The Bridal Party" Campbell & Jordan

UK and International Wedding Photographer Based in London

         specialise in Editorial  Style Wedding  Photography, capturing  the      day in all its awe and splendour. Paying close attention to minute details I preserve priceless moments inside a timeline of key events creating an authentic portrayal of your truly special day. The end result is a visual story, forged from the most gorgeous images that look like they were created specifically to grace the covers of a bridal magazine.


Bride and Groom kiss in the Boat House at The Ravenswood Hotel and Wedding Venue. Beckenham Wedding Photographer London Wedding Photographer Beckenham Wedding Photographer London Wedding Photographer

"As I indulged in the final spoon of my tasteful desert, leaving the plate almost spotless and swiping the remains of cream and crumble from the side of my mouth, I lifted my half filled glass of wine to take a sip and noticed Shane approaching. The best way to explain the moment was that he had a gleam in he's eyes as if he'd just won the National Lottery

Full of excitement he explained of he's findings of an old wooden barn house immersed in a wilderness of unkept trees, overlooking a lake. Had it been anyone else attempting to persuade us to navigate through muddy woodlands on our wedding day the answer would have been a swift and sharp NO, but we fell in love with Shane's work because of he's ability to capture the most stunning images of normal folk, as if plucked straight out of the pages of a magazine.

The experience was priceless and the final image left us lost for words"


- Jacob & Ruth -


"THE LAST GLANCE" I knew the routes they would travel to get from the registrars office to the ceremony hall. As the groomsmen and bridesmaids Made their way to the aisle I waited for that final glance every father gives he's daughter, Affirmation that the special moment she's dreamed and planned frivolously for is finally here. The look of overwhelming happiness and hope as she starts a new chapter.

Bride and Groom kiss under the main hall arch at Dulwich College. Photography by Editorial Wedding Photographer Shane Anthony Sinclair Beckenham Wedding Photographer London Wedding Photographer

"The Money Shot" Leon & Kirsty



Choosing Your Photographer

Hi, My name is Shane Anthony Sinclair and I am an Editorial Style Wedding Photographer, but what does this mean and how do you know what type of photographer is right for you? First things first, you need to establish what types of images you like. An easy way to do this by typing into the  google search bar wedding photography, click images and ....

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I have compiled a personal list of Venues and suppliers within the weddings industry that I would recommend based on my  personal experience.