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Digital Matt Album

Starting From £450 


The Revolution Of The Senses

The new Digital Matted Album will revolutionize the photographic industry

Nothing will ever be the same. The creative, unlimited possibilities can’t be matched by anything else. The combination of the different papers, selective coating with custom effects and printing on art mattes and other media allows you to obtain a product unlike anything before.

Allow your creativity to flow freely, now there are no limits. The creative process will start by using our Graphisoftware, now specifically updated and enhanced to make the design process easier and intuitive.

Today, the Digital Matted Album™ is born, setting new quality standards. A great technological innovation capable of generating an explosion of emotions and feelings, inspiring your clients the desire to possess this truly precious and beautiful item.


The pace is nearly cinematographic, the sequence of the events of a special day is brought to life in a variety of the surfaces, different also in the way they reflect light; by empathizing unique moments, or by toning down the atmosphere of a watercolour like sunset, the photographer, the artist, becomes an orchestra leader searching for new harmonies.

The return to this new, amazing, classical style lives again thanks to exclusive technologies, to chromatic symmetries created by the tones of the art mattes and to the atmospheres of images which, like in an enchantment, embraces and carries the characters of the story into a world defined by a balance of shapes and colours.

A product like this could originate only from Italy, with Graphistudio being the only Company capable of actually developing it. The technical know-how to project and shape such a book is deeply rooted in graphic arts, a field where Italy has always excelled. The leather of the covers, the cloth of the inner sleeves, the precious art mattes where the images are skillfully printed on exude history, luxury and high fashion.

The ideal parallelism to describe the evocative power of this book is, probably, the dress of your dreams, a princely wedding dress carefully hand made by the most exclusive tailor on earth. No one, apart from the photographers who Graphistudio clients, can provide you with such a new product, and no one would be able to enjoy a more exclusive wedding memento than yours.

The quest for beauty reaches resounding results when it is based on new forms of expression. The desire to go beyond the edge, to get rid of the boundaries that limit creativity, has opened the door to a new, surprising dimension within the most noble domain: classicism.
We have literally reinvented the creating, printing and finishing processes of a thousand year old item that is the book, in order to give the right value back to a world too often flattened by the dull and repetitive use of soulless technologies.




format sizes.png

The Digital Matted Album™ is available in the 30×30 cm and 25×25 cm square, in the 25×35 cm vertical and in the 35×25 cm landscape formats.

The dream of every creative comes true thanks to the revolutionary tools available for this book. The simultaneous use of a variety of techniques that have never been able to be combined until today, allows you to create fantastic layouts. The art mattes, available in the beautiful shades of brown, beige, blue, gold and white and the pearl, photographic and metal papers, with either the satin or the glossy lamination, are all available and can be chosen at will.
The book can therefore be printed completely on one typology of paper only to obtain a classic result, or on a mix of various options, playing with harmonies and contrasts to obtain unforgettable pages.



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