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Precious and Refined

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A classic and timeless style enhanced by avant-garde technologies gives life to a product of superfine quality: superior materials, amazing printing quality and accurate assembly make Graphistudio’s Matted Album a benchmark for the entire industry.

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HD Printing

Through its partnership with Canon and DreamLabo 5000 technology, Graphistudio can offer the widest tonal range on the market which covers the full spectrum of Adobe RGB. The exclusive Fine Art HD paper, pure alpha cellulose with neutral PH and lignin-free, delivers unprecedented print quality and vivid, intense colours like never before for an impressive visual experience.


The Matted Album is available in 9 sizes: Vertical: 20×30; 25×35; 30×40 Horizontal: 30×20; 35×25; 40×30 Square: 20×20; 25×25; 30×30


The pages of the Matted Album can be chosen from the wide range of papers available: not only the classic silve halide technology (Lustre and Metal) or Indigo (Smooth, Textured, Pearl and Photo Lux), but especially the innovative Canon HD printing.

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