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How to choose your wedding photographer

Hi, My name is Shane Anthony Sinclair and I am an Editorial Style Wedding Photographer, but what does this mean and how do you know what type of photographer is right for you? First things first, you need to establish what types of images you like. An easy way to do this by typing into the  google search bar wedding photography, click images and then look for the images that Appeal to you the most. 

There are three main styles of wedding photography, Traditional, Reportage and Editorial. Your research will more than likely wilt down to one of the three categories: 

Traditional Photography

Imagine, a 35 mm roll of film could take around 36 images, now compare that to a memory card that can store thousands. Film was the traditional method used to capture an image and due to its limited capacity you would usually need to be more selective with your shots. Traditional photography paid more attention to posed shots of the Bride, Groom and parties involved. A bigger emphasis was put on capturing beautiful staged moments as opposed to natural spontaneous actions, the result, a portfolio of professionally crafted and timeless photos shot with a specific purpose

Reportage Photography

The main aim of a reportage style photographer is to visually report your special day as accurately as possible in an unobtrusive manor, so not to interfere with the telling of the narrative. The result, a portfolio filled with genuine emotions, portraying an accurate depiction of the day.

Editorial Photography

Inspired by the world of fashion Editorial photography is all about the artistic vision and creating outstanding imagery. Creative in nature an Editorial photographer looks for the best ways to aesthetically communicate your special day and will usually Pre plan key shots around the movement of the sun. Detailed lighting setups, deliberate usage of juxtaposed angles and a good understanding of symmetry and subject framing can all be expected from an Editorial photographer. The result, a portfolio of stunning moments both staged and natural, that looks like it belongs in a magazine.

I specialise in the Editorial style photography and my primary focus is on providing you with images that make you look amazing. With this being said, I pre plan and divide the day into two sections, Main shots and  Fillers.

Main Shots:

(Key shots that every wedding couple would expect to see.)

Bridal arrival

The first kiss


Bridal and groom group and solo shots

Cutting of the cake 

First dance


(For the purpose of narrative these fill in the blanks to tell the story of the day in more intricate and accurate details)

morning prep

shots of the dress and accessories 

general coverage of ceremony

shots of guests

shots of decor

candid moments 

Brides wedding shoes photograph by Editorial Photographer Shane Anthony Sinclair Beckenham Wedding Photographer London Wedding Photographer

No one way is better than the other, it is simply down to your individual preference. Most photographers will have a general plan of the day which will include key shots at key timings, for the most part these will be similar. The differences will become apparent after receiving the final images and will usually show in use of how and where lighting is used, how a scene is framed and how angles are used to capture shots, the type of lenses used, colours and how much attention is paid to the dinner details. I hope this has in some way helped and good luck.



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